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Heavenly Sampler

Heidi's Heavenly Cookies provide an incredible array of gourmet treats, so much so that selecting one gift can prove difficult. The Heavenly Sampler is the optimal choice, containing a carefully arranged selection of her renowned specialties. This symphony of flavors is the ideal gift of indulgence.

Heavenly Sampler selection includes:

  • S'more bar 
  • Southern pecan pie bar 
  • Sea salt caramel bar 
  • Star sugar cookie 
  • Rocky road eclipse 
  • Chocolate Raspberry eclipse 
  • Coconut macaroon 
  • Chocolate eclipse 
  • Toffee chocolate chip 
  • Chocolate chip 
  • Oatmeal raisin 
  • Rock-a-Mallow 
  • Mint-a-Mallow 
  • English toffee candy 

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