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Is there such a thing as the perfect corporate gift that's as sweet to get, as it is to give, and that can say "thank you" a thousand times over? Heavens, yes! Heidi's Heavenly Cookies offers the perfect corporate baskets and corporate cookie gifts for any occasion. Associates and clients will appreciate the thoughtfulness presented by homemade cookies made from scratch with the best ingredients and packaged in luxurious, high end gift baskets. To the most discerning tastes, a corporate platter of Heidi's Heavenly Cookies is the ultimate gourmet gift that always delights the senses.

Promotions, milestones, birthdays, company name it, and our sinfully delicious gourmet cookie gifts can help you make it scrumptiously special.

Together we will create corporate cookie gifts that will creatively compliment your corporate image or event.
Call our corporate account managers toll free at 1-877 Heidi's Cookies (877-434-3472).

Sebring Capital The Hartford Scheduling Institute

Heavenly Cookies and Candy for Meetings or Corporate Events

How to make your next corporate event or meeting more memorable?

Serve trays of sinfully delicious flavors created for the cookie connoisseur or, present to your associates and clients Heidi's Heavenly Cookies English Toffee Candy.

Trays can be shipped in advance of your event and kept frozen for up to 30 days until ready to serve. Simply remove the tray(s) from your freezer approximately 4 hours before serving. Neither presentation nor taste is compromised. To Order a Tray Click Here

"So I got a card today from all my employees in Las Vegas…. THEY LOVED THE COOKIES, AND I MEAN LOVED!!!!! I received both e-mails and phone calls telling me how great they were. Thank you for making it so easy to put smiles on so many faces!"

Steve Carlston, KTUD TV, Las Vegas, NV

Heavenly Cookies and Candy for Trade Shows or Other Special Events

Your company will be remembered when sinfully delicious cookies and candy are shared.

A sweet take-away that will leave a lasting impression, Heidi's Heavenly Cookies are an affordable luxury, beautifully presented and sinfully delicious. Surprising someone special with Heidi's cookies is the perfect choice in artful gift giving.

"A boxed dozen from Heidi's Heavenly Cookies will take the cake at the next office party"

Robyn Spizman, author of Make it Memorable

"When I need to show appreciation to an employee, say happy birthday or Say thanks, there's only one place I go - Heidi's Heavenly Cookies. I love finding a great product and telling everyone I know about it. Now that I am with Cox in Las Vegas, I have brought my good cookie taste to the West. Now the office in Las Vegas has fallen in love with them. I kid you not, employees come into my office and see Heidi's packaging and they know what's inside the box and they get excited. This year, our VP of Community Relations was trying to steal my birthday cookies and I walked in and caught him right in the act. They are that popular and by far the best tasting treat I have ever had. I'm so glad Heidi makes it easy to order over the internet and she can do overnight shipping to Las Vegas or wherever the treats need to go."

Tina Denicole, VP, Business Operations, Cox Communications, Las Vegas

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