Cookies By Mail

Cookies add flavor to our lives, whether enjoyed at your office desk with coworkers or in the kitchen with loved ones. When your friends, family, or colleagues receive Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies by mail, they’re guaranteed not only the quality you expect but a great big smile to accompany each hand-packaged gift! Each time our customers call to order their cookies by mail, they usually share with us their stories about why they’re buying cookies, for whom they’re buying them, and why they chose us. We become part of the story, which we love!

When you order your cookies, you can choose one of our ready-made gift boxes or create your own unique set, complete with the specific cookies you desire. We can even brand your gifts with your corporate colors or include a personalized gift card or your own business card. These are all services we provide free of charge, as part of your order of cookies by mail.

You can have cookies delivered by mail to any address in any state in the US. In warmer climates, we pack your cookies in earth-friendly insulated boxes (no extra charge, of course). You can check out our online catalog, and if your order is placed by 3:00 pm EST Monday through Wednesday, the cookies will ship the same day. Get ready for that grateful response and lots of smiles from the recipients of your thoughtfulness!