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Heavenly Spotlight Series: Michael

Michael : Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie Personality

Meet Michael, a Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie Personality to be sure! This cookie-loving New Yorker finally found a nesting place after having moved 15 times in his life—whew! While perhaps a few too many Budget rentals for our taste, it’s certainly the type of on-the-go that makes for a very sweet Cookie Personality! He’s a real treat to get to know, so check out his responses to our shorter version of the original Heavenly Spotlight Series Questionnaire (go ahead and submit your profile—it’s only 3 questions!). Want to find out your Cookie Personality? Click here to find out!

TOFFEE CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIE: You are passionate. You have a love for the rich, buttery, chocolaty, flavorful things in life. Simplicity is great, but high-quality is what you demand. You demand only the best quality in fabrics for your clothing, towels and sheets. You have a small group of close friends that share your same tastes and you love to gush about the latest in “important” news. You are fun-loving and passionate about the things you do. If you see a need in our community or otherwise, you become involved in helping to make a difference. You have high expectations for yourself and those around it and it shows.


What is your cookie personality?
[Toffee Chocolate Chip] Sweet, delicious, and a little bit crunchy sometimes :)

What is something fun or unique about you?
I’m an Army brat and have moved about 15 times in my life.

Who is your hero and why?
I don’t really have an overall hero but as far as cookies go, my mom is definitely my hero.  I have many fond childhood memories of baking and eating all kinds of delicious cookies.  When I became an adult and got invited to my first holiday cookie party, I called my mom immediately for all her recipes!

Thanks Michael! Best of luck at your next holiday cookie party! What a fun idea—be sure to bring a few from yours truly!

Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies

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Heavenly Spotlight Series: Andi

Cookie Personality Winner: Andi

Cookie Personality Winner: Andi

Meet Andi from St. Louis, MO. As a truly passionate Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie, she loves politics (perhaps running for office someday, so keep an eye out for her on your ballot!), being involved in her community, traveling, and spending time with her family (who couldn’t with such a cute brood?). Andi was also one of our Sweet Giveaway winners and received a sensationally gourmet box of Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies!

We had a wonderful time getting to know (virtually, of course) this Midwestern sweetie and hope you enjoy getting to know her and her passions, hopes and dreams as we did. Below are Andi’s responses to our little questionnaire:

Heavenly Spotlight Questionnaire:

1.     What makes you a toffee chocolate chip cookie and why?

The description of the toffee chocolate chip cookie mentioned passion a lot.  I am passionate about life and I believe in trying to experience the good and fun things in life as much as possible.  I love going on fun and new trips with my family and trying new things because I love the excitement of the unfamiliar.  I also am passionate about getting involved in politics and someday when my children are older, I plan on running for office so that I can have a chance to better my community.  All in all, I believe I am a toffee chocolate chip cookie because my life is full of passion.  Whether it be passion for my kids, my life, my family, or my dreams I have a lot of passion and that is what being a toffee chocolate chip cookie is all about.

2.     What cookies did you order, regardless of your Cookie Personality Type?

I ordered the assorted cookie box because I wanted to experience as many types of cookie goodness as possible.

3.     Who ate your winning box of Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies?

I ate the bulk of them, my mom ate several, my husband had a few, and my 4 year old ate the rest.

4.     How long did wait before you ate your Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies? (Pick one)

A.  Not long at all! You opened them as right as postman handed it to you at your doorstep!

B.  You were oh-so-patient and put them straight in the freezer to wait for your family to come home.

C.  You arranged your cookies’ unveiling at a party to share with friends.

I am ashamed to admit that I opened the cookies on the way from the mailbox to my apartment door.  I actually had mouth surgery scheduled for that day and the cookies arrived an hour beforehand.  As I knew that I wouldn’t be able to eat solids for a week afterwards, I shoveled cookies into my mouth to get me through surgery.

5.     List a few of your favorite hobbies and things that make you happy?

Being a mother of two beautiful daughters makes me so happy I can’t even explain.  I love being with my girls and finding new and exciting things to do in St. Louis.

As for hobbies, I love getting involved in politics, reading, wakeboarding, and wake surfing.

6.     How do you spend your “me-time?”

As a stay at home mom, I do not get much “me-time”, but when I do, I like to go shopping with my friends, watch my favorite TV shows (i.e.: Greys Anatomy), and take long bubble baths while reading a good book.

7.     What excites and inspires you?

I am very passionate about politics and the different ideas and plans in motion to better our society.  As a political science major, I realize the importance in being an informed citizen and so I try to get involved and be informed as much as possible.

8.     Describe a perfect day.

A perfect day for me would involve a long morning of sleeping in for the whole household!  I am not a morning person so sleep would be very necessary.  In the afternoon, a perfect day would include some family time with my husband and daughters, doing something new, fun, and interesting and make us all laugh a lot.  Later, spending the evening with friends and family just hanging out and letting the kids play would be perfect as well.  Then renting a good movie and eating something extremely chocolaty (i.e. Heidi’s cookies) and falling asleep really late would top off the perfect night.

9.     To whom and for what occasion would you deem perfect to send Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies?

My sister is having twins in May, and I think she would love cookies to ease her transition to becoming a new mom.  With all of those late night feedings, cookies would also help her stay awake J


Thanks Andi! Kudos to you for being involved in your community’s local politics and for striving to be an informed citizen. And we are certainly always happy to help you whenever you’re in need of some pre-surgery gourmet cookie goodness to mask the pain! As for your sister and her new baby, we have a special collection of cookies just for such an occasion—check out our new baby gift collection. A delightful box of these are sure to help any new mother feel especially sweet—particularly in those wee hours of the morning!

-From all of us at Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies

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What’s Your Cookie Personality?

[A Sweet Giveaway is now closed, but please find out your Cookie Personality anyway!]

Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies have a gourmet cookie for every personality—which one are you? Choose from an array of delicious personality types. Tell us which personality you are to enter into our contest for a box of gourmet cookies! See below to find out contest details. Contest deadline is September 30th, 2009.

Match yourself to your cookie personality description below:

Toffee Chocolate Chip

Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie

Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookie

You are passionate. You have a love for the rich, buttery, chocolaty, flavorful things in life. Simplicity is great, but high-quality is what you demand. You demand only the best quality in fabrics for your clothing, towels and sheets. You have a small group of close friends that share your same tastes and you love to gush about the latest in “important” news. You are fun-loving and passionate about the things you do. If you see a need in our community or otherwise, you become involved in helping to make a difference. You have high expectations for yourself and those around it and it shows.

Chocolate Eclipse

Chocolate Eclipse Cookie

Chocolate Eclipse Cookie

You are a go-getter and succeed beyond expectations. People look up to you. You are a breath of fresh air and are known for your honest opinions and advice. As a person who fits the mold of a good person—you are very busy, but still find time to help someone in need. Family and friends would describe you as being smart, intellectual, fun, and meticulous. Though you are also thoughtful and caring, you have a no-nonsense attitude about you and “get the job done.” Step aside everyone—you take life by the horns.

Oatmeal Raisin

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

Oatmeal Raisin Cookie

You are a natural. Your idea of relaxation has everything to do with being outside in a beautiful landscape—curled up in a shady hammock with a great read (a popular title, but not trendy), hiking with friends, or pruning your yard and garden. You appreciate simplicity and beauty. Your life is holistic. You follow the mantra that says things are best when made from scratch. You practice this in the kitchen with the meals you prepare and also in your handmade gifts. You would rather spend an evening with a few close friends and family than have large and rambunctious get-together. You are admired by your family and friends as someone who is confident, serene, and a natural beauty.

Chocolate Mint Eclipse

Chocolate Mint Eclipse Cookie

Chocolate Mint Eclipse Cookie

You are cool. It is vital to you to stay up to date with all the latest in fashion, technology, media, etc. Celebrity magazines would feature you as being sophisticated, chic, sharp-witted, fashionable, and friendly. You are full of energy and love to try new things. In a popularity contest, you would win—not just because you’re never a bore but because you know how to “hang” with the goths, the cheerleaders, the jocks, the band geeks, and the academics all in one sitting. Your outgoing personality and wining smile makes you that much closer to buying that coveted new handbag. May the “coolness” continue.

Chocolate Chip

Chocolate Chip Cookie

Chocolate Chip Cookie

You are loyal and dependable. Sensibility is hard to find these days, but you have it in spades. Your family and friends are important to you and you try to keep good connections with them and enjoy spending quality time with them. You are the glue. Loved ones seek your help and guidance regularly and you are happy to be needed. Keeping family and friends content in turn helps you to be the same. You are a golden friend to all—now, if only they’d pay you back for all your help in gold!

Rocky Road Eclipse

Rocky Road Eclipse Cookie

Rocky Road Eclipse Cookie

You are a thrill seeker. You enjoy taking risks and find ways to make everyday living an adventure—traveling, running marathons, white-water rafting, spontaneous road trips, or simply finding a new restaurant and trying the alligator soup. You never do anything to just be “one of the crowd.” Many of your friends like you because you are funny, smart, witty and young at heart. Spending time with other people is something you love to do, but don’t mind spending time alone either. You are independent and try to make the most of your life with the most adventure possible.

Chocolate Raspberry Eclipse

Chocolate Raspberry Eclipse Cookie

Chocolate Raspberry Eclipse Cookie

You are an intellectual with flair. Reading a good book or working on a new hobby sounds better to you than going to the club on a Friday night. Admirable qualities— thoughtfulness, a calming presence, a positive outlook, class, and, of course, intelligence (you don’t read all those books for nothing!). The little things in life are the things you appreciate most: the sunset and sunrise, perfect design, well-made films, and flavor-rich food. You don’t let anything stand in the way of having those little luxuries that you so enjoy.

Macaroon Dipped in Chocolate

Coconut Macaroon Dipped In Chocolate Cookie

Coconut Macaroon Dipped In Chocolate Cookie

You are a kid at heart. Dippin’ dots, dipped cones, caramel-dipped apples, dipped—anything. You enjoy mixing and matching, exciting activities, and pairing the new with the old. You can find a million ways to dress up the same t-shirt and jeans. You love to accessorize. You are a multi-tasker. A perfect day for you would be riding a beach cruiser bicycle along the shore and eating something sweet at the same time with only the slightest bit of wind to tousle your hair. If life were a playground, you would definitely be picked first!

A Sweet Giveaway {CONTEST DETAILS}:

Now that you’ve figured out your Cookie Personality, email us to win your box of cookies!

DEADLINE: September 30th, 2009 [extended deadline], so be sure to leave a comment below with the following info before then:

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The winner will receive a free box of cookies and will be featured on our site—you’ll be famous! Well, maybe not that famous but certainly in our eyes…*sigh*

Once you’ve won and received our cookies, please send us a picture of you with the cookies that we’ve sent so that we can feature you!

Best of luck everyone!