Gifting Ideas the Gourmet Way

Need your gift giving made easier? Give gourmet gifts that not only taste delicious, but are tasteful in presentation. Give Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies where traditional cookie delivery has been replaced with gourmet cookie baskets full of irresistibly fresh and delicious cookies. You will experience the ultimate in gift giving, cookie baskets that are beautifully packaged and arrive brimming with taste and sophistication that will leave a lasting impression.

For a moment, close your eyes and imagine the perfect cookie. Cookies that are homemade with all-natural, high-quality ingredients, hand rolled and oven baked with love and care. It emerges from the oven evenly baked with a hardy exterior, but the inside is melt-in-your mouth moist.

Come to know the taste of silky chocolates, toasted coconut, roasted almonds, moist plump raisins, aromatic mint and raspberry, all with depths of flavor so unexpected, your senses come alive. Don’t be surprised if you find yourself wanting more.

Giving the perfect gift is just a bite away. Give a gift with gourmet taste, a gift that will be memorable, a gift that leaves you top of mind with your recipient.

Need reasons why gourmet cookies are the ultimate in gourmet gifting?


•Cookies that warm the heart and please the palate.

•You can personalize a gift message, showing your gratitude in words and deed.

•Cookies are the supreme ice breaker, share a cookie, make a friend.

•Romance? At a loss for words? Let gourmet cookies speak for you, the richness of dark,
semi sweet and milk chocolate combined with aromatic mint, coconut, raspberry and marshmallow will express the sweetness of your love .

•The ultimate reason for gifting the gourmet way…you should always go through life with a cookie in each hand!

Heidi’s Heavenly Cookie Gifts are the perfect choice in artful gift giving. The sumptuous cookies received from Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies will be the pinnacle of gifts. Whatever the occasion, we are there, whatever the need, we are there, gifting made easy, gifting made sweet, sophisticated, artsy, and most of all delicious.

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