Childhood can be one of the most memorable moments

Childhood can be one of the most memorable moments in life. Our youth would not be complete without the famous and most favorite childhood treat, cookies When we were children we learned how to share with others. However, sharing our cookies with friends may have not been something we wanted to do!

As adults, when life gets tough, we long to retreat to a better time. We turn to memories of our younger years, invoking the smell and taste of homemade cookies. Remember the aroma of classic chocolate chip and yummy oatmeal raisin? Life seemed better when we had a cookie in both hands! Cookies are a favorite snack, regardless of age! A glass of cold milk with a plate of warm cookies, now that is relaxation! Cookies come in many styles and shapes, cookies for sale may be cut out or rolled in various shapes, they come dropped, pressed or in bars It doesn’t matter, the question is what is your favorite cookie? What do you like to bake? Favorite recipes? Family recipes handed down..they all have special meaning to us, . However if you love to bake cookies;  you should know the secrets to make your cookies the best. And make them your specialty cookies. After all happiness is the smell of homebaked cookies!

Here are some of the secrets to make your cookies memorable

1. Use butter,not margarine. Butter and margarine are two different products. Butter is a natural product.. Butter also produces a flavor that cannot be created by other oil or fats. To soften your butter, bring to room temperature, if you squeeze your butter and it leaves a deep indentation, it is too soft, your identification should be minimal. Do not microwave to soften. Microwaving can change the consistency.

2. Cookie sheets should be heavy. Your cookies are less likely to burn if your cookie sheet is heavier.

3. Use parchment paper.. Parchment paper reduces the need to grease your baking sheets, creates even baking and minimizes clean up. You can re-use your parchment paper for the same type of cookies. In the long run, they are more economical and more efficient. Parchment paper also absorbs extra fat in your cookies and that is a good thing!.

4. Before baking or mixing your ingredients, take a moment and assess your kitchen, is it too hot, too cold, is the air humid or dry? What about altitude? All these play a factor in determining if you need to adjust your ingredients. Too humid? You may need to lessen fats and sugar. Too dry? Maybe alter the amount of flour, and increase your fats. . Bring your ingredients to room temperature before you mix them and above all do not over mix your batter!

5. . Before baking your specialty cookies, the first step is to have the right temperature set for your oven. Oven temperatures may vary by type of oven, gas or electric, conventional or convection.

6. Do not bake your cookies for too long. Once removed from the oven, cookies will continue to cook from the heat of the cookie sheets..

These are just some of the secrets in making your cookies the best. A lot of practice and you will eventually make perfect cookies. Who knows, maybe one day you may start your own business and offer your cookies for sale!!

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