Heavenly Spotlight Series: Cathie

We are pleased to feature the first spotlight of our series! Meet Cathie of Salt Lake City, UT—it was so fun to get to know her through our little questionnaire! From the luxury of a long hot shower to yoga and sleeping in, learn more about this lovely toffee-loving lady with her Chocolate Raspberry Eclipse Cookie Personality and how she makes the most of life as an intellectual with flair!

The Happy Couple! Congratulations Cathie + Fiancé!

The Happy Couple! Congratulations Cathie + Fiancé!

1.   What makes you a [enter cookie type here] and why?

I’m a chocolate raspberry eclipse.  My idea of a fun Friday night is staying home and reading a good book, or watching an interesting foreign film.

2.   What cookies did you order, regardless of your Cookie Personality Type?

Toffee chocolate chip.  I’m a sucker for toffee!

3.   Who ate your winning box of Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies?

Me!  There’s still a few in the freezer, but don’t tell anyone.  They’re too good to share!

4.   How long did wait before you ate your Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies? (Pick one)

A, for sure!  I ripped into them as soon as I got home and had one…and then another.

A.  Not long at all! You opened them as right as postman handed it to you at your doorstep!

B.  You were oh-so-patient and put them straight in the freezer to wait for your family to come home.

C.  You arranged your cookies’ unveiling at a party to share with friends.

5.   List a few of your favorite hobbies and things that make you happy?

I like books, movies, yoga, baking, theater, traveling, spending time with friends and family

6.   How do you spend your “me-time?”

I love a long, hot shower.

7.   What excites and inspires you?

I love the arts, especially theater.  I think art is a necessary part of life.

8.   Describe a perfect day.

It would definitely start with sleeping in.  The perfect day does not start with an alarm clock!  Then a day with my fiancé—brunch, shopping, a musical, dinner, games with friends.

9.   To whom and for what occasion would you deem perfect to send Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies?

I think they would make a great congratulation or thank you gift.  Or even a “I’m sorry you got dumped, but you’re better off without them!

Thanks Cathie! We absolutely loved reading your responses! Want to learn more about Cathie? Check out her out on her blog: Dinner For One, though the way things are going for her these days…it seems she may have to change the title to “Dinner for Two!” Congratulations Cathie—we wish you the very best!

-From all of us at Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies

P.S.  Would you like to be featured? Find out about our Heavenly Spotlight Series and what to do to receive a Special Coupon Code and be featured!

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