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Our Holiday eCatalog is here!

Holiday Enchantment

Holiday Enchantment

Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies is pleased to present our Holiday eCatalog for 2009! Enchanting and whimsical packaging dazzles friends and family, while delicious gourmet cookies makes heaven just a bite away. Share something special with those you care about this season and let your holidays become a winter wonderland!

Enjoy a $10 off a $50 or more purchase as a ‘thank you’ from us!

View our Holiday eCatalog for the offer code and to view more from our Holiday Collection.

Share a gorgeously packaged box of gourmet cookies with family and friends (or send them a box if you’re too far away to share) and make their holiday season just a little brighter!

Celebrate: Sweetest Day!

Sweetest Day | Gourmet Cookies | Cookie Delivery

Sweetest Day | Gourmet Cookies | Cookie Delivery

Now that you’ve given your oh-so deserving boss those divine Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies for Bosses’ Day (Friday, October 16th), be sure to brace yourself for the jealousy, sadness and perhaps utter outrage that your co-workers might express while exclaiming, “What? Why didn’t I get Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies? Aren’t I decadent? Don’t I too deserve elegant sweetness?”—Alright, that might be a bit extreme, but you get the picture.  Not to worry, you can put their little doe-eyed faces at ease because, luckily, there is another holiday that is suited for absolutely everyone just one day later!  Sweetest Day is celebrated on the third Saturday in October, making it Oct. 17th this year.

Though not as widely celebrated as Valentine’s Day, Father’s Day, or Mother’s Day, Sweetest Day is becoming more and more popular.  It began (according to Wikipedia) when a candy company employee wanted to create a day to help needy children feel happy by giving them candy.  What’s not to love about another holiday set aside to giving loved ones and those in need some very appreciated attention, care, and homemade English Toffee Candy and gourmet cookies?

Not that we should ever need a holiday to show someone that we care and appreciate them, but if you ever do need one:  Sweetest day is a great excuse to show just that.  Gourmet cookies are a delicious way to say, “Thinking of You,” “Get well soon,” “Thank You,” “Congratulations,” “I’m Sorry,” “Happy Birthday“, and, of course “I Love You,” well, basically everything!

As far as appeasing those co-workers of yours goes, simply bring a dazzling tray of luxurious Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies to work the same day you give your boss their luscious gourmet cookies on Bosses’ Day (Friday, October 16th) and celebrate Sweetest Day one day early!  This way, you’ll avoid jealousy, loss of camaraderie, and hate mail (okay, kidding on that one).  Have them eating out of your hand…perhaps literally.  Nothing fills that void of a workday than melt in your mouth gourmet cookies.

Sending family, friends, co-workers, associates or someone in need of cheering up, some sweet English Toffee Candy and gourmet cookies will certainly brighten their Sweetest Day!

Celebrate: Bosses’ Day!

Bosses' Day | Gourmet Cookies | Corporate Gifts

Bosses' Day | Gourmet Cookies | Corporate Gifts

Celebrated on October 16th, Bosses’ Day is a great excuse to say “Thank You” to your hard-working boss and put in a few good words for yourself.  Giving a box of gourmet cookies or a gourmet gift basket is a perfect way to not only show appreciation for your boss, but also your dedication to the company.

Who knows, you might even get you a promotion!  But before we make too many promises, let’s find out how this holiday came to be…

According to Wikipedia:  Patricia Bays Haroski, working as a secretary for State Farm Insurance Company in Deerfield, Illinois, had forgotten her boss’ birthday (who also happened to be her father) and the date of his birthday was October 16th.  To make it up to him, and perhaps to aid her memory in remembering her father’s future birthdays, Patricia registered a “National Bosses’ Day” with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in 1958.  Four years later in 1962, Illinois Governor Otto Kerner backed Haroski’s registration and officially proclaimed the day.  It has been more recently celebrated as an international holiday as well.

Sending gourmet cookies is always the perfect gift for all occasions, but especially to show appreciation.  Have gourmet cookies sent via cookie delivery to your boss’s office.  Let them come to you, with crumbs sprinkled around their mouths, expressing complete and utter appreciation for, ahem, you.