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3 Magical Ways To Enjoy Toffee Candy Dust

“All it takes is faith and trust. Oh! And something I forgot. Dust!”

—J.M Barrie, Peter Pan

We affectionately like to think that Peter Pan was referring to our delectable—and perhaps even magicalToffee Dust when he recited the requirements for flying to Wendy, John, and Micheal.

Made from rich chocolate, buttery toffee, and roasted almonds, these magical morsels make it difficult not to simply devour as is, but if restraint is at all humanly possible…you’ll find our top 3 favorite ways to enjoy English Toffee Candy Dust below:

Toffee Dust{Toffee Dust—eaten solo as a sumptuous treat}

Toffee Dust Ice Cream{Toffee Dust—sprinkled on ice cream}

Toffee Dust Muffin{Toffee Dust—crumbled onto cupcakes or other baked goods}

What are your favorite ways to eat Toffee Dust?

Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies

New Gourmet Cookie Creations: Rock-A-Mallow & Toffee Dust!

Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies is pleased to present 2 new gourmet gifting creations to their collection and just in time for the holiday season: Heavenly Rock-A-Mallow and Heavenly Toffee Dust! Nationwide cookie delivery available for all gifting occasions.

Rock-A-Mallow (below): carefully hand-rolled into double dark and semi sweet chocolate cookies, infused with soft, fluffy marshmallows and roasted almonds, and baked with love, then completely immersed in white chocolate and finished to perfection in a dark chocolate drizzle. The Rock-A-Mallow arrives in stylish gift packaging or can be individually wrapped for wedding favors, parties and events—for serious rock-ability and flavor.

Rock-a-mallow | Gourmet Chocolate Cookie Gifts

Toffee Dust (below): rich morsels of English Toffee candy with chocolate and roasted almonds make a decadent addition to any edibles you may wish to dust it upon including ice cream, cake or anything else you imagine could use a bit of “dusting.” Its a sinfully delicious gift idea for all of your gifting needs this holiday season.

Toffee Dust | English Toffee Candy

They’re Sinfully Delicious, but you don’t have to take our word for it…Try them today!

Stay tuned, more to come featuring these scrumptious new creations and fun ideas on ways to use them!

Have a delectable weekend!

Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies